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  David Day Sculpture





David works primarily in wood, stone and steel. Browse the gallery for previously completed works. Contact David for information on availability or to discuss commissions.



Green jasper stone on a sycamore base


This piece brought to mind a whale as it comes up for air. The piece captures the moment when it breaks the surface, breathing out in a spectacular burst of mist sent high into the air, before breathing deep and diving yet again into the depths of the ocean.

Let the Two Grow Together

Let the Two Grow Together

Mixed Media Sculpture


  • Locust wood from James River Virginia
  • Antique cast iron
  • Glass accents
  • Steel painted with acrylic

Based on the story of the wheat and the tares from the gospel of Matthew. The two will grow together until the harvest, when they will be separated by the threshers. In the same way, good and evil exist side by side in this world. It is not for us to judge or punish, but rather to live uprightly and love those around us. God will judge in the final harvest.



Unformed Substance

White marble, onyx, wood

Not for sale

As my grandchildren began to arrive in this world, I anticipated each one with great joy and wonder. The idea of life growing in the womb had a profound impact on me. This piece is an outpouring of that wonder.